Greek Marble Initiative

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Greek Marble Initiative is a platform established & accommodated by the Myro Antiques House ( in its premises, and Myro Gallery of Thessaloniki, as a materialization of an idea of the collector, auctioneer and antiquarian Stavros Muronidis. will undertake a series of projects to attract and renew the interest for the contemporary greek sculpturing, with a focus in bronze and marble sculptures, both within Greece and abroad. The projects fall into a broader initiative including the creation of statues, and a variety of sculptures, with several artists working live in the project. For the time being the sculptors directly associated with the Initiative are: Gabriel Andronikidis, Thanos Karonis, Paraskevas Magiras, Kiprian Hopirtean, Giorgos Iliopoulos, Odysseas Tosounidis, John Bizas, Thanasis Pallas, Maria Halvatzi, Stratos Pallas, Alekos Tzomakas, George Kikotis, Andrej Mitevski, George Kaltsidis, Vitaly Gnatyuk, Filippos Kalamaras, Andonis Magkriotis, Kamen Tanev, Efstathia Papargyriou, Albena Mihaylova, Giorgos Spyridonov, Mihail Vouzounerakis, Sherry Tipton, Edward Fleming, Giorgie Cpajak.

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