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Souroti, Thessaloniki, Greece, July the 21st of 2014








Press Release




The established greek Myrό Antiques House has the honour to invite you to attend its 39th bimonthly Auction occuring on Wednesday, July 30th, 2014, sporting many other aspects apart from the top quality Antiques, Artworks, Objects and rarities that characterize all the House's auctions.



This is the Summer 2014 tactical auction, which will take place outdoors, within the premises of Myrό Antiques House in the highlands surrounding the city of Thessaloniki, Greece. Along with the auction, before and after, a jewelery fashion show will take place, a live photographic action, a bodypainting event and a small reception with traditional greek pies and pizza, wines and refreshments will be served to all our guests.



The auction itself is one of the greatest in terms of rare antique furniture, french desktop clocks, late flemish paintings, art deco & art nouveau style and era objects, old books, historic greek encyclopedic editions, which are currently in exhibition for anyone to visit till the day of the auction. In the contemporary arts section of the Auctioon, a comprehensive selection from the best Greek painters of the last 30 years is competing with breathtaking quality artworks of today, while vintage objects and old school toys provide a nostalgic twist for the simple times lovers. The peak Lots in terms of rarity and overall value are two significant collections: an 8 clocks from 1800 to 1850. Empire and Louis Phillipe in a single Lot, and yet another Lot featuring a carved asian mammoth for 40cm to 64cm 8-pieces collection.



How to participate


Participation in the Myrό Antiques House auction is free and the entrance is allowed to everyone. The attendees can acquire a numbered tablet they will use to biding Lot they are willing to acquire, and for that procedure they will be asked to provide a their formal identification card/ their driver's licence/ their passport. Nevertheless, observers are allowed to be present at the procedure at no cost and with no claim for identification. If you wish to acquire a Lot or Lots be advised to take your time and look at it when you'll find yourselves in our premises. Visiting days and hours in the Myrό Antiques House are everyday (weekends included) 10.00 – 18.00, but you have to notify the auctioneer (Mr. Stavros Muronidis, mobile phone: 0030-6971890212) beforehand for the time of your arrival. Also, you can se all the Lots in the website of Myrό Antiques House, at



Free transport


If you wish to come from the city of Thessaloniki to our premises and go back after the conclusion of the auction, you are now able to do that for FREE: On the day of the auction, there will be a coach bus with Myrό Antiques House insignia on the driver's window. Just be sure that you will find the coach bus by 18.00 sharp that it departs from the Royal Theatre main entrance, nearby the central Lefkos Pyrgos (White Tower)monument.




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